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The ETH Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL) is a multidisciplinary experimental laboratory dedicated to the study of human decision making behavior. The laboratory was founded by Andreas Diekmann, Dirk Helbing, and Ryan O. Murphy. It is a service center of the section Behavioral Studies of the Department D-GESS.
How to find us

DeSciL is located in the ETH IFW building, level A, at Haldeneggsteig 4.

Are you interested to participate in our experiments?

We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our studies. You will get payed for your participation. Please signup in the joint recruitment database of University of Zurich and ETHZ.

Are you interested to use our lab for your research?

Interested and qualified members of the scientific community may be granted access to use the laboratory. Please contact DeSciL staff for further information.

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