The Laboratory

DeSciL / ˈd zəl / is a departmental technology platform created to provide infrastructures and services for researchers from D-GESS, ETH Zurich and beyond to perform human subject trials in the intersecting areas of Decision and Behavioral Sciences. We provide up-to-date technological capabilities optimally located for ease of access by both scholars and subjects who come to participate in studies hosted at DeSciL.

Decision and Interaction Experiments

The laboratory features thirty-six cubicles in three independent rooms. Removable walls and partition panels offer researchers the flexibility to run up to 12, 24, or 36 subject designs simultaneously. Laboratory rooms and cubicles are equipped with video, audio, and communication recording capabilities.

Cognitive Neuroscience

DeSciL hosts the D-GESS NeuroLab and Virtual Reality Lab with equiptment for physiological measurements (EEG, ECG, GSR), eye tracking, and VR simulation.

Online, Survey, and Field Research

DeSciL operates infrastructure for online experimenal research to scale-out lab experiments to the web. In addition, we provide a small set of 16 mobile computers (Notebook/Tablet) to support researchers in "lab-in-the-field" operations. Furthermore, cubicles are equipped with dedicated IP phones to operate DeSciL in call-center mode for telephone interviews.

Recruitment, Assistance, and Payment Services

DeSciL coordinates UAST recruitment for ETH scholars, provides assistance in running experiments, and handles payments to study participants. Additionally, we support online experimental research with access to a large pool of Mturk workers.