Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions regarding pricing please contact us by e-mail (descil@ethz.ch)

General Conditions

Laboratory fees internal external
Laboratory rooms IFW A (DeSciL) none CHF 100 / h
Laboratory rooms IFW B (Neuro / VR) none CHF 50 / h
Mobile Lab (16 x Surface Pro 7) CHF 100 / day CHF 100 / day
Tablet Lab (100 x Lenovo Tab 8) CHF 200 / day CHF 200 / day
Recruitment internal external
Fee per participant none CHF 5
Off-site fee per participant CHF 5 CHF 5
Cancellation per participant (up to 24h) CHF 5 CHF 5
Participant compensations (UAST) internal external
Flat compensations per participant CHF 25/h CHF 25/h
Variable compensations
- Show up fee
- Performance component
- Target average compensation
CHF 10
CHF 20/h
CHF 30/h
CHF 10
CHF 20/h
CHF 30/h
Cancellation per participant (up to t-24) CHF 5 CHF 5
UAST Online (per minute) CHF 0.5 CHF 0.5
Participant compensations (MTurk) internal external
Minimal compensations per minute CHF 0.15 CHF 0.15
Reward Fee 40% 40%
Bonus Fee 20% 20%
Services internal external
Lab assistance per hour CHF 50 / h CHF 50 / h
Online operations per hour CHF 50 / h CHF 50 / h
Standard Lab Payment-Service CHF 50 CHF 50
Special payment solutions (e-payments) CHF 50 / h CHF 50 / h
Development Services / Coding / Analytics CHF 50 / h CHF 100 / h
Consulting CHF 50 / h CHF 100 / h

Notes and Special Conditions

  • Projects are considered "internal" if the principal investigators (PI) is affiliated with ETH Zurich. The lab committee decides on affiliations of external user groups. The following institutions are affiliated in the laboratory domain and are therefore considered internal:
    • Department of Economics, University of Zurich
  • The time spent for user and project registration, reviews, planning, and basic technical testing will not be charged.
  • Special conditions can be offered to large projects. Applications for special conditions must be submitted to the Review Board as part of the application. Lab managment decides on the provision of special conditions.
  • Projects with a volume exceeding CHF 10'000 require a written agreement. Projects exeeding CHF 20'000 require dedicated ETH financial accounts.
  • The services and costs incurred will be listed in a final invoice and invoiced to the client after the project concludes. In the absence of detailed agreements, the General Terms and Conditions for Scientific Services (PDF, 237 KB) apply.