Registration process

All users of the Behavioral Studies Laboratories are required to register by name and institution and provide a short project description. Every project registered will receive a project tag (YYMM-ShortTitle) and data storage space on the lab infrastructure. Data can be accessed via the NETHZ-​login (see instructions). The NETHZ-​login is also required to login to the lab computers and for the booking system. For users not employed at ETH, we will provide an NETHZ guest account or Web-Service login.


Please read the following instructions carefully. There will be additional instructions and help on the application forms.

1. User Registration

All collaborators in the project (including principle investigators) are required to register as a user by logging in to the lab's Intranet and accepting our Rules and Terms. User registration is only required once.

2. Project Registration

Register your project by registration form in the Intranet or contact lab staff by e-mail ( with the following information:
  • Project Title (for internal use only)
  • Short description of your project (max. 100 words)
  • List of collaborators
  • Project Type (Lab, Online, Field, Neuro, VR, etc.)
  • Planned start date
  • Preferred tooling (e.g., Qualtrics, z-Tree, o-Tree, Matlab, etc.)
  • IRB / Ethics approval status
  • Supported Languages (de, en, fr, multiple)
  • ETH "PSP/Kostenstelle"
As soon as basic project registration is completed, we will contact you regarding additional review requirements, the specification of recruitment, assistance, and payment services.

3. Project Approval

The project and user registration will be reviewed by the lab staff. Once the project is approved and confirmed by the pricipal investigator you will receive a project identification tag and detailed information how to access the infrastructure. Additionally, every project will receive a project folder on our lab infrastructure. Data on our infrastructure is hosted by ETH IT Services and is accessible until the user account is closed and/or the project is archived. All members of the project have access to the project data folder via NETHZ.

4. First Meeting

Before you can start using the infrastructure, we will meet and discuss the details of your project. During this meeting we introduce you to the laboratory rules and inform you about options, procedures, and data protection policies.